Fix or Replace?

This weekend had its surprises as usual- and this time not a good one. It was a beautiful weekend, full of sunshine and warm breezes as I ran my usual errands with windows and sunroof open, radio blaring, I cheerfully sang along without a care. Now, I have stated before that I can be a bit lazy about care and maintenance on my computer, but in the case of the car – this is all on my hubby, and he is meticulous. So when the sunroof on my car decided to make horrible noises and refused to close properly, we were a little surprised. Luckily  it was a relatively dry weekend, one without all the rain  as we have experienced recently. Well, thanks to David, this morning I was able to have a local, reliable and friendly mechanic take a look to see what was up. And the verdict is that my car is just getting old, and it may be a rather costly affair to have fixed at this point. In the meantime, the mechanic has safely closed and secured it, although it is not useable, and I am left with food for thought. Fix or Replace?

Here at DDA, we know that websites can be left in similar situations.  They get old, and although they may be well maintained, things need to be updated eventually. Having an antique car will not have the same effect as having an antique website. An old site will cause a possible customer to think that he will not be getting the best and most up-to-date service, and will go elsewhere. DDA will make sure you give the right impression with customized designs to send the message you want. Whether you want to just make a few good fixes or replace the entire site, we are a full service advertising agency that can take care of your every need, from animation affects, to medical education videoson-location photography to custom web design and programming, and if you need search engine optimization, medical IT services, video streaming or internet webcasting, we can do that too. So, to keep up with today’s current advertising market, you should consider this question: Fix or Replace? Either one is a winner!