Fortune Cookie time

Fortune Cookie time: Today’s thought is Balance. It is a simple, yet complex theory that, when achieved, is said to provide longevity and prosperity. It is the condition in which different elements are in correct proportions. Life can seem impossible to balance most days, especially if you are like many, chasing after family, home and work. Some of those I know, have additional elements to balance, such as wedding plans (which are a whole balancing act unto themselves)  to add to the mix. It is easy to see how the scales may just literally fall over (and possibly even somersault several times before coming to a full stop). There are many ways to balance, you can balance a ball on your nose, balance your checkbook, balance cost vs. benefit, and balance your food intake. You can strike a balance, hang In the balance, or throw someone off balance. But in the long run, we must all find our own balance.

At DDA, balance is an everyday occurrence. It is key to our structure and efficiency. In our graphic designs, harmony is achieved through balance of design and proportion, in copywriting, through content and keywords, in programming, through fit and function. Each in it’s own way is an integral part of the complete package that we provide to any business seeking ways to find balance, longevity and prosperity.