Getting it Right

One of my jobs here at DDA is to make changes and update sites as a part of regular maintenance and also keep things in the here and now in this ever changing world. Sometimes, it’s just an updated attachment or a notice of an upcoming event- short and sweet. But then, sometimes, things can get a little more complicated. Something that I am working on right now has called for some adjustments, repeatedly. It  requires a certain amount of patience and monotony to keep adjusting the same thing after you think that you have already completed a task. As a Mom, I learned fairly early on, (especially with a son who was always changing his mind) that patience and repetition are a regular part of everyday life. So, with a pause, a deep breath and a smile, I start again to make it right.

Our great staff of advanced programmers, videographers, graphic design specialists, creative copywriters, and search engine marketing experts always work hard to be extremely efficient and  accommodating. If any small detail is not quite right, we will continue to make adjustments until every detail is, not too hot, not too cold- but just right.