Giving Thanks

As we celebrated Thanksgiving this past weekend, I had the pleasure of being reminded of the meaning of the day. We chose to join my Dad and Step-mom at their home for dinner. They wanted to let us know that a woman that my Step-mom used to work with would be joining us, along with her new boyfriend.  My immediate thought was that I didn’t want some strangers at my family celebration! But after realizing how unbelievably selfish I sounded, I realized that this is what Thanksgiving is all about. If the Indians weren’t kind enough to share with the Pilgrims, none of us would be here.  It turns out that this wonderful woman named Siah had emmigrated from Africa with her teenage son to America to make a better life. She was a nurse in her home country is a now Physical Therapist here in the US. Unfortunately her son fell in with a bad crowd, and was killed in some type of gang violence, leaving her all alone, the rest of her family being far away on another continent. She is the sweetest, most giving woman. She shared stories and some rather interesting recipes about her celebrations with an infectious laugh and warm smile (not to mention her cute accent!).

I want to say thank you to all of the staff here at DDA, from graphic artists to animators to videographers, seo specialists, coordinators, copywriters and programmers who happily give up all of their knowledge, insights and helpful hints in all they do, and all they share, and to all that they work with.  Thanks Guys. :)