Go with pros in the know

Ahhh Thursday, usually the final day of the week for all of us at DDA. But recently there has been some activity here on Fridays, myself included, but not exclusively. Considering the economy is tight these days, there is still a steady stream of  activity here. Some are small additions or changes to existing websites to freshen up an ad campaign in an economic way, but also some larger projects that have upcoming deadlines, thus the need for the extra day at the office. It can be a productive time, with fewer phone calls, and changes that sporadically appear in my inbox.

I can hopefully make some good progress on a medical website that has tons of pictures that need to be matched and processed. In this case, the client has provided the content for his website, making my job a bit more tedious and time consuming.

I admit to being spoiled by our staff of professional SEO copywriters. The full and complete line of copywriting services that we provide is clearly a cut above the rest. Creating content that is well written, entertaining and informative is no easy task, but our degreed copywriters handle this with ease everyday.

Working with clear and concise content makes for a productive environment all around. It creates a more organized, informative and interesting working experience that can be appreciated by not only by the graphic artists, search engine optimization specialists, professional photographers and programmers here at DDA, but also by the client and most importantly, their prospective visitors.  Go with the pros in the know, and make life more interesting.