The other day, I had the pleasure of doing a little work on a website for dog treats. It has a great catchy name, but I have to admit to thinking… what kind of website design would be appealing for dog treats? I was excited to check it out, but not sure what to expect.  Well, our amazing designer, Judy, has done it again! It’s cute without being too cutesy and attractive without being tacky, and of course fun. There are lines that could easily be crossed, especially when dealing with animals, but the design is addressed with a uniquely fun design with great programming, so while you order your canine partner some treats, you can smile and have fun while you are there.  Goal achieved! – as usual. DDA’s talented artists have no problem handling anything thrown their way. We offer a full line of graphic design services, including logo design and illustrations, brand design and corporate identity design, that can easily be incorporated into a custom web design, print ad design and/or packaging design. Whether you need print advertising, Internet advertising, or interactive advertising, DDA is a pioneer advertising agency that  can help you reach your goal.