Ahhh, Thanksgiving is upon us…YAY!!! But wait… There’s a lot of work ahead as we work to settle some final details on a few projects that will need our attention before the nice long weekend. A couple of graphics, a holiday menu, additional html pages, new jewelry pages, a little keyword optimization, a little tweak here, a big tweak there…. and I am only one among many here at DDA that are scrambling to make everything set. Our videographers and animation artists are rendering away, while our graphic artists are intently designing and layering, there’s smoke from the fingers of our copywriters as they are madly creating and editing, our programmers are mind-bogglingly coding and brainstorming, while our project coordinators and media directors are busily organizing and processing so that we can all gobble lots of yummies undisturbed. Of course, that means Christmas time starts next…..