Grandmom’s chocolate cake

Grandmom’s chocolate cake. A good cake takes a special recipe to bring that magical smile from each bite. Tried and true, it’ s been assembled and created many times, and enjoyed for it’s sheer perfection. It’s not just the baker, but also the ingredients and the care when mixing it all together, then adding just the right amounts of magical unseen flavors that make it special… better than the others. Coffee is the magic ingredient that my Grandmom used, layered in with the vanilla and chocolate. It brought out the chocolate flavor, and made it taste… well, more chocolaty.  It was something that you wouldn’t know was there outright, it just made it better than the others.

DDA understands that the magical, behind-the-scenes subtle flavor enhancers are what makes our advertising better than the others. The subtle layering of colors and images in our graphic designs, the video spokesperson that magically steps up on your screen to help you along, the informative medical copywriting that teaches with understanding, but most importantly, the tons of magical advanced programming that is behind the scenes, written in a language that only those in the know can understand and manipulate, creating a smooth, effortless flow. Our recipe creates medical and corporate websites that are not only attractive and informative, but the ease of it’s functionality brings a smile to your face. The results are rich and magical. Enjoy the perfection!