Halo Effect

I have been ignoring my health lately. I have gotten tired and lazy and have been indulging in a few too many rather sugary treats. Well, now I am paying for it. I can feel what it is doing to me inside and out. So, I am going back into a smarter mode. A recent article was talking about living longer, stating that although there are no guarantees, it’s pretty well understood that good food and exercise will help you live better. It also mentions that some of our problems  as we age are “symptoms of disuse” meaning that there are factors that are under our control. Even a body that may have been neglected for a while can rebuild muscle, this having a halo effect on other parts and functions of your body.

This halo effect can easily be equated to a business and its advertising and website. Everyday, DDA wakes up tired websites or advertising campaigns with just the right touches that boost a business back to life and to the top of the charts. We  are experts at revitalizing the “muscle” with creative copywriting, flash video, new advertising photography or fresh new graphic design or animation and don’t forget the search engine optimization, that  bring new energy and a bright new outlook.