Happy Independence Day!

Ahhh….. holiday weekend! How can you not be happy about a nice long weekend? It is always a pleasure for the staff at DDA to enjoy a 3-day weekend every week, but an extra day is just indescribably yummy! It’s warm and sunny and it’s the birthday of the USA, time to remember the freedoms that are our trademark. Time for a party! Fun and Freedom!

But business first. It will be a very busy day for all here at DDA, a full-service advertising agency, to make sure any loose ends are secure before we head off to our mini-vaca. We have received an actor and client for a video production early this morning. Jake and Laurence are already under way and this will take up several hours of their day. The copywriters are typing so fast that their fingers are a blur, the programmers are deep in a coding trance, our graphic artists’ styluses are zooming, and Crystal and Mick are busily getting everybody and everything organized. By the end of the day, all will be set comfortably into its proper place to await Monday morning without issue. So then we can enjoy the weekend.

Go out and enjoy our freedom, have fun and be safe. Happy Independence Day!