Happy New Year

As I count my blessings for the past year, I am happy to be healthy and that my other Mom is doing well. I am happy to be working and wading through a tough economic time. I am happy to have a wonderful son and good friends and co-workers. I am happy to be learning something new everyday (at work at least) and to have patient understanding teachers and helpers.  I look forward to  a New Year full of good things and better times for all.  The new year here at DDA will be full of many new website designs with custom programming, animated e-brochures, trade show displays and instructional videos. It’s such a smart way  to advertise since the Internet reaches everyone, everywhere.

Things never seem to slow down here as we offer so many different ways to improve any business. Adding even what may seem like the smallest thing can make a huge difference, like keyword optimization or a search engine marketing. I look forward to and wish all of you a year full of better and brighter things. I know they will be here at DDA- come join us.