Happy Shopping

Ugh! What a rainy yucky weekend. It seemed that as soon as I needed to go outside to start my usual weekend chores, it would start to pour buckets of rain. Then when I had something  started inside,  the sun would come out and stick its tongue at me. This battle of wills continued throughout my weekend, and of course I always seemed to come out on the losing end. Oh well… I found something to cheer me up- shopping! Shoe shopping to be exact. I found shopping from my living-room fun and easy, and most importantly, dry.  I have very high expectations from a website now that I know how expertly they are designed here at DDA. Our sites contain expert image animation/graphic animation, video production, and photography. Not to mention creative copywriting, intuitive code programming, and enticing graphic design. All these things are what I look for and can really appreciate in how a website functions.