hide and seek

I seem to say or think this a lot: Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there.  This can be a two-sided coin. If you keep it in mind, it can keep you out of trouble, but I more often like to think of the times when it makes me happily surprised.  When something just seems to be working really well, you can bet that there’s probably something behind the scenes that is apparently pointing things in the right direction – of course, it can also be the opposite. A little preventative medicine can be very persuasive.   In the DDA world, our full staff handles many things that cannot be seen, but are certainly having an influence. For instance, Our search engine optimization, that inserts keywords to bring your business to the top of a google search, the intricate custom programming that makes every little detail of your website work smoothly, the project coordination of the wants, needs and costs of every job that is organized down to the last dot. It’s all here working hard, it may not be right on the surface, but you can bet, it’s all right here – all you have to do is have a look.