The first thing that comes to mind when you think of home-schooling, is usually children who are not attending a public or private school for one reason or another. This can have some minor disadvantages, such as the lack of social interactivity. However, it certainly has clear advantages, such as the individual attention that is afforded each person, which provides the benefit of a more complete understanding of the subject. It can allow specifics to be addressed in detail, at the speed and level of understanding of each individual person. Whether you are a child or adult, home-schooling can be advantageous. As adults, our busy lives leave us with precious little time for additional education,  especially in the medical field. This is where home schooling can come into play in the form of web-based e-learning. DDA offers a variety of continuing medical education and medical training solutions. Our professional staff creates technically detailed medical illustration and animation that can be integrated into virtual medical simulations, interactive video, interactive websites, and any variety of interactive tools. These medical training videos are accessible right at your desk, at home or at work, with the ability to stop and start, and proceed whenever your time schedule allows. Freedom to schedule online CME allows us to manage our time smarter and more efficiently. Which leaves us more time to work on our social inter-activities.