I was lost in the forest…

For a couple of days this week, I have found myself retrieving some stock photos that Carrie, our senior designer will be using for several projects that she is juggling. (She is always juggling 10 at a time!) I had no previous experience using stock photos before I came to work here at DDA. I used to draw technical illustrations by hand, which was great, but I never had any reason to delve into the world of stock and digital photography. What a huge amazing world! You can get lost for months in here and never find your way out- and probably would not want to. I was lost in the forest (section) and found the beauty of each shot so peaceful. The use of light and filters emphasized details and made you see and appreciate the piece in a whole new way.

After reading Elise’s blog about people watching, I found myself trying to see the personalities in each face in the photos, and seeing how people with different styles could easily be combined harmoniously. The graphic artists here at DDA have mastered the use of digital imagery, incorporating whole or parts of images and personalities, layering, cutting, pasting and editing to make an amazing design concept come to life.

The different personalities here at DDA are as varied as faces. We all work together quite amicably, and the respect for different personalities only serves to complement each other. As a full service advertising agency, we work to create a well rounded product using flash animation, video capture, digital photography, graphic design, database programming, SEO copywriting, and search marketing to appeal to all types of personalities.