Ice-ice baby

As we all spent much of our time shoveling our way out of the snow and the drifts. I find myself sore and tired. The combination of practically non-existent plowing on the streets in my neighborhood and the sun melting bits and pieces here and there with last nights’ sub freezing temps has left us with lots and lots of ice. I needed my 4-wheel drive just to make it up my own street, on my way I saw a few neighbors totally stuck in the ice and the muck.

A few coworkers also found themselves similarly stuck this morning, as the hill that leads into our parking lot sent some cars spinning sideways, refusing to go up.With the usual DDA cooperation, several DDA-ers got out to help, and with the help of a bag of salt and several strong backs, everyone was able to free themselves from the grip of the ice and make their way safely to a parking spot.

Back inside, we are all back at work, medical graphic designers are designing, videographers are videoing, medical animators are animating, programmers are programming, medical copywriters are writing, and project coordinators are busy coordinating. It’s back to a warm busy hum at DDA.