If Only We Have Eyes to See

“Nature is a painting for us, day after day,
pictures of infinite beauty,
if only we have eyes to see them.”
- John Ruskin

This morning, nature was everywhere- all over the yards, the roads and the parking lots! Not to mention half hanging out of the trees. First thing this morning, all of DDA could be found outside working together to clear away some of nature’s debris, with Rob at the very top of a 6 ft. ladder reaching for a large broken branch so that it would not end up on top of one’s car- (Gotta love tall people-Thanks Rob!). Nature is multifaceted; it’s beauty can be entrancing and yet we must see all sides. We need to see it for all that it’s worth. We can appreciate its infinite beauty, its rich color and fine detail , and marvel at the engineering. I feel that way about the work that is done here at DDA. The graphic artists, animators, programmers and videographers also design in the most intricate of color and detail. Yet, our eyes must also remember to see that there are programmers, copywriters, seo specialists and search marketing that all play an essential underlying role in every beautiful creation. As In nature, all different aspects of DDA can be seen working together in many ways to create the most unique and amazing end product.