Inspiration. It can be elusive, at least on a specific level. There are many things that may influence us in one direction or another- but inspiration can be harder to find. Today’s art and music can be empty, frustrating and difficult to understand, but if an artist is creative, its message can be clear and not just influential- but inspirational. Inspiration can be found in many things, words, images, sounds and even comfort, some things that you don’t even realize. But once that light bulb pops on- and the inspiration hits- the feeling is ecstatic! DDA is a pioneer advertising agency whose image and graphic animators, videographers, graphic designers, SEO copywriters, search engine optimization specialists and programmers all work together in some very clear, and some maybe not so obvious ways.  The power of our teamwork is what makes us more than just an average advertising company. Our aim is not just to influence- but to inspire.