Sometimes it’s good to be invisible. One can unassumingly and mindfully put all of their attention into the task at hand with no one calling with random queries (… where’s my keys? … where’s the remote? … is it ready yet?). And sometimes it stinks to be invisible (… can I go? … do I get some? … hello?). Truly, some things work best when you don’t even know that they’re there.

Here at DDA for instance, our search engine optimization, keyword research and SEO copywriting brings you to the top of a Google search. And don’t forget all of the programming behind every website. There is an amazing amount of knowledge and hard work that goes into creating and understanding the intricacies in the code behind a good website. There are animated medical images, medical flash animation, virtual medical simulations, interactive videos, 3d animations, and streaming webcasts, plus functional items like rollovers, links, and shopping carts, just to name a few. And now, we’re also working to convert websites for the ipad® and iphone®. So, take a moment to appreciate all of the invisible people that are hard at work behind a quality piece of work.