it just keeps getting better!

Charms… charms…. everywhere charms!!! Our favorite ground-breaking jewelry site is expanding again!  I am busy prepping over 5600 charms for viewing in various sizes. Each and every one will be treated individually, with a short description, metal, size, weight, brand and sku# with pricing info. From there, our amazing programmers will make the site show, sort and search the complete inventory from charms to beads to chains, using your choice of 3 options: keywords, our categorized drop down jewelry selector or by boutique menu. And just to make it even more convenient, you can get a cart and go shopping! Choose a charm, stone, a metal, have it sized or engraved- even create your own bracelet using our unique bracelet builder where you can pick beads, put them together, change your mind, and move them around, then get a total price- just have fun!If you can’t make life fun… what fun is that!?! Making this jewelry site fun, amazingly beautiful to view, informative and easy to use was no small task. It took a lot of collaboration between DDA’s staff of graphic artists, videographers, photographers, copywriters and amazing custom programmers, and it just keeps getting better!