It’s gonna be amazing!

It’s Thursday! Woo-hoo! I am reminded every Thursday of Vinnie’s “Love Letter to Thursday” blog entry, and  still enthralled by its sweet simplicity and shared feeling. Thanks Vin! I am especially tired today as I spent most of my day yesterday trying to do a job that does not come naturally to me. I was asked to do a voice over for a character that our animation artists and flash programmers Rob and Vinnie will be creating for our own DDA CMT site. Voice-over might sound easy- but it’s really not- at least not for me. The day was spent in our video studio with videographers and media director Jake and Laurence at the helm,  a professional actor from our Actors Gallery, Elliott, and myself (oh- and of course Indie!).  It was so funny to see Elliott acting in front of a green screen interacting with an animated character that was not really there- he was great! And of course, I could appreciate his professionalism as I continually flubbed my lines, and he carried on without a problem. I was happy to know that my mistakes could be edited. I can’t wait to see what our talented crew will create from all of this! It’s gonna be amazing!