It’s not easy, but when it’s done well, it looks easy

Yesterday, I was watching my favorite trilogies, The Pirates of the Caribbean. And as silly as these movies are, and as many times as I have seen them, I still love the laughter and special effects. This particular showing included special “extras” that showed the elaborate sets being created, and actors filmed against green screen, then inserted into cg backgrounds and other special effects. The sheer scale of the project was mind boggling, and I was fascinated with the way it was all put together to create the final cut. The special effects director stated “It’s not easy, but when it’s done well, it looks easy.” The truth of that statement is seen in much of the expert work that is created today on all different levels. DDA provides this level of expert video production service on a much more affordable scale. Our video studio uses many of the same techniques and effects without the billion $$ price tag. Green screens and talented actors, inserted into cg backgrounds, are the norm for our expert videographers. We regularly create corporate videos, medical training videos, medical education videos, and streaming video integrated with animated medical graphics and flash programming, and inserted into a beautifully custom web design or animation background. And with DDA, you don’t have to worry why the rum’s always gone.?