As many have, I have been enjoying the Olympics recently. It is noticeable that each athlete has a fantastic set of muscles, each carved for the specific need of his or her particular specialty. The swimmers have great shoulders, the runners have sculpted calves, the gymnasts have overall tone and fitness. I am by no means an athlete, so it’s not the muscles that I envy. I am jealous of their single-minded concentration to achieve the absolute top of their game. My jealousy is never to the extent of wanting to take away any another’s achievement — but only to want to be capable of this myself. At DDA, I find myself like a puppy trailing after our amazing, top of the line, graphic artists here — Melissa, Judy and of course, Carrie — wanting to learn all they have to give. I am so grateful that they are so smart, helpful and patient. And like Melissa, I hope to sometime to take a few classes to always be able to move forward (when I can manage to fit it into my schedule). So, Thanks Ladies!, for being so amazing at logo design, custom web design, print design, web graphic design, print ad design and every other graphic design service, and for always being there to help and teach me.