Keystone Cops fire drill

Sometimes I  feel like I am in an old fashioned Keystone Cops fire drill. Things here are moving so fast- so many new projects are jockeying to claim the “latest and greatest production” position that is spilling out our doors. I am busy trying to update our DDA Corporate PortfolioDDA CMT Portfolio, and DDA Medical portfolio, and as fast as one is added, another 2, 3 or more come my way. This can be tricky business as each new item needs to be added to one of the first pages, pushing the rest back in succession. It sounds easier than it is in actuality. It is fast paced and fun, and it takes cooperation between graphic designer, copywriter, and coordinator to keep up. Hopping back and forth between Internet website designs, custom medical illustrations, medical videos, medical animations, live streaming webcasts, interactive technologies, my head is spinning. It can be a challenge to keep up, but always an enjoyable one.