Knowledge is power, Information is liberating

My morning will start off with a few updates to two of our very important medical websites. I admit to the perusing one of these sites intensely, not only for updates and maintenance reasons, but for personal reasons as well. My step-Mom had been diagnosed with a tumor on her kidney, and coincidentally, I had been doing a bit of work on this site as I received the news. This site was was filled with so much information that I was able to access information about various types of tumors and the options of treatment. As they say “Knowledge is power, information is liberating…”. As she went through surgery, the information that was afforded me through this site was not only a great source of comfort, but left me a bit empowered towards a situation in which I had previously felt helpless, and I was able to breathe more freely. Knowing the information is as current as possible is also important, and I know that the information on this site is up-to-date as I am one of the people whose job is to continually update and add new information.

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