Life in 2008

A friend sent me the funniest e-mail. It was about living in 2008 and alike the very best humor often is, it was so very funny because of how true it was.  And we all need to remember to laugh at ourselves no matter how true the facts are. It reminded us of how dependent we are on modern technology. Some of the funniest reminders are, ”You accidentally enter your password on the microwave,” ” You e-mail the person who sits at the desk next to you”  and “Every commercial on TV has a website at the bottom of the screen.” In a personal experience, I recently put in a new stove and my brother said that there were so many buttons that he wanted to hook it up to the Internet so I could cook and work at the same time. I thought that was too funny at the time, until I saw a show about the newest appliances being designed. They actually allowed your computer at work to talk to your oven at home. Now, you could start dinner while you were still at work and it would be ready by the time you came home.

It’s unbelievable how modern technology and computer programming can make our lives even more convenient than they already are.  Those websites that are listed at the bottom of every commercial are full of every convenience. It may be the photography or animation that catches your eye, but it’s the custom programming that makes it all happen. Advanced programming is the norm here at DDA, as is custom animation, professional photography services and custom web design. Things that happen everyday here, make lives easier and more convenient for so many.