Life is not all fun and play

Life is not all fun and play. Life is meant to  be enjoyed, after all we should enjoy what we have, while we have it. Many times, it can be a hard lesson to learn where to draw the line though. Balance is key in making life an overall happy place.

My son, a college student, is not having fun learning how hard it is to work that balance. Of course it is much more fun to be out with friends than working, but it’s not very productive- at least not economically. Balance is a tricky endeavor. People have sought the perfect balance for millennia and I am not sure that it’s truest form can ever be attained. But for our everyday experiences, the effort alone can yield a very satisfying result.

The art of balance is witnessed everyday here at DDA, a full service advertising company.  Every member of our staff from videographers and photographers, flash animators and code programmers to creative copywriters and seo optimizers, graphic designers and media directors, affords balance in cooperation, to everything- everyday.