Made in the USA

I just finished adding a logo to our DDA website that has a lot to say in a few short words, “Made in the USA”. These 3 little words are a BIG statement.

Today’s economy has a few problems right now, only one of them is off-shore outsourcing. It’s a vicious circle in times like these. You want to save by buying less, but you get what you pay for. Something that comes in from another country may be initially less expensive, but the quality is surely lacking, and without realizing it, a job here has been replaced by someone in another country, putting more of us on the unemployment line.

I have been a victim of this circle. My previous employment downsized and outsourced more than half of its bulk. Great for the already wealthy uncaring billionaire that was in charge, but bad for the thousands that were put on the unemployment line. That’s why I am proud to say that DDA is all USA. All of our work is completely Made in the USA, with our graphic designwebsite design and developmentcorporate and medical videosprogramming, and more, our top quality workmanship and support is there all the way, all the time. It feels great to say “Made in the USA”