Manual or Automatic?

My son just bought his first car. It is a used Mitsubishi Eclipse. It is also a manual shift- his choice. Now with the ease of an automatic, you my wonder why anyone would want a manual transmission. Well, I have to say, from someone who knows how to drive both, I can see the beauty and advantages of both. And although I drive an automatic now, I would really prefer a manual.

Just like so many things in life, you can move along on automatic, where things are taken care of by themselves or you can have more control. The one is certainly more work than the other, but has it’s pay-offs in many other ways. Your business can have the same advantages and disadvantages. You can go along on automatic, and let it move along on it’s own, or you can have more control and make things happen your way. At DDA, we can cater to your needs whatever your preference. Being a full service advertising agency, we can take care of everything for you, so you can run on automatic, or you can control where, when, and what direction your advertising needs go. You can choose from our wide range of services, like website design or improvement, update keyword content, add new video or animation,  or let us create new print brochures with eye-catching photography and illustrations. Take control, you will like the change.