margaritas with M&M

I miss my neighbor. My next-door-neighbor (at work that is) is none other than our famous Jess. She is our super-organized, super efficient, super SEO specialist, super-mom. And right now she is enjoying drinks with Mickey & Minnie in sunny Disney after her Cinderella style wedding. I must admit, I am jealous. I miss the steady beat of the nonstop tappity-tap-tap of the keyboard as she optimizes website after website all day long like the energizer bunny. Thanks to our search engine optimization specialist, along with our clever SEO copywriters who regularly create keyword rich content to fill our clients websites, DDA was named one of the Top Ten most Dependable Search Engine Marketing Firms in the U.S. by Goldline Research, and we are able to increase website rankings in search engines like Google and Yahoo.  Although some clients expect their website to jump to the top the day that they join our SureThing Optimization Program, those with experience know that with a little patience and time, search engines will index your website with new optimization elements. Reviewing just a few of the things that Jess does on a daily basis makes it easier to get back to work with a smile.Hey Jess, have a margarita with M&M for me!