Maybe you need a second opinion…

Recently, I read an article about mistakes. In this case it was about doctors misdiagnoses, not a very good thought- but nevertheless, it happens. This particular situation explained how a doctor’s mind might use a template.

They process information into a pattern and then superimpose the pattern over a template of typical cases in their mind. Using this process can certainly have its drawbacks. Firstly, we need to remember that everyone is unique, of course, we all share some similarities, but we are not cookies cut from the same mold, and each situation should be handled fresh. In the case of this article, a second opinion was obtained, resulting in a new diagnosis, and ending with a much healthier, happier person.

At DDA, we don’t use templates. Every situation is handled individually, on a custom basis. Our team of advertising professionals can create custom copywriting, custom programming, custom animation, and custom web design or any other advertising need for each unique situation. If you’re settling for the standard, cookie-cutter, elementary school level template ad, maybe you need a second opinion.