I recently had to deal with a bit of a meltdown. My computer decided it was not going to take it anymore, and I learned the hard way to be more diligent about backing up files and maintaining my computer.  It’s not that I didn’t take care at all, it’s just that I was a bit lazy about it. I had the tendency to think that my computer would always just be there and could handle anything I threw at it. She has always been so loyal, so faithful, so hardworking. On a regular day, she runs a minimum of a half-dozen programs at once, allowing me to alter images in photoshop while updating files in dreamweaver,  reading content in word, monitoring e-mails, and checking and previewing websites in two different browsers; and on a busy day, much more.

I took her for granted. Luckily, we have our own computer doctors.  After a series of tests, the diagnosis was that the hard drive was a casualty. So after a minor HD replacement operation and several software updates, she was up and running again (albeit with a bit of amnesia since my back up files were slightly off). The moral of this story? Remember proper maintenance regularly and have a good team of doctors on hand.

Corporate and medical IT service and maintenance should not be overlooked. Whether your need is for corporate or medical IT support, proper corporate and  medical IT solutions can make the difference. Today, my computer is her old sweet self. Well, actually, she had a little trouble with her monitor but that has now been updated to a stunning 25.5″ HDTV monitor. It’s a beautiful thing! (As long as we don’t compare it to a mac…. but that’s another story…) So, Thanks Dr. T! (oh, and David too!)