Menu for success

Mmmmmm…. Holiday time. The cold weather makes me want to cook and bake… and eat! I love to do all of these things, and will quite readily- to the point of a minor explosion. To keep me straight, I make lists; it just makes everything run smoother, especially since I make big meals and tons of Christmas cookies. Some people think I’m a little mad seeing lists of cookies and post-its all over containers and bowls, meal plans and grocery lists abound. But without these lists, I would just be lost and spinning- getting nothing done. The epitome of efficient list-makers are the project and media coordinators here at DDA.

From the very beginning of a new website design, the coordinators create a detailed menu– a common understanding of the meal plan. This menu becomes the essential reference for all aspects of creation. It lets each department understand flow and direction, and how each piece or contribution comes together to make a fantastic presentation. Where would we be without them… The heart of a successful project is always an organized coordinator, add some great graphic design, animations, video, keyword rich copy and amazing programming and your result is one beautiful finale.