mind-boggling programming

I love to update the DDA Corporate Portfolio. Today, I am adding a few new internet websites. I am always fascinated to see the beautiful new designs and mind boggling programming that are constantly being invented here on a regular basis. I have already completed the addition of new medical logos, trifold medical brochures, medical direct mail postcards, sell sheets, newsletters and catalogs (that we display as flashbooks), not to mention the medical training videos and the flash animation. Our portfolio includes a wide variety of products, subjects and viewpoints,  each design is custom made, incorporating unique specifications and mind-boggling  programming. Often these requests challenge our programmers to the farthest reaches of their mathematical minds. But the caliber of talent that is within DDA, never falls short of its advanced programming capabilities.

Flash programming and graphic programming are regularly integrated into medical website designs, but our team also creates astounding interactive virtual trade shows with individual product panels, medical websites that mimics a friendly, private consultation and speaks to you on your choice of subjects at the click of a mouse, spokespeople that wait patiently until you ask them to step forward, a jewelry site that allows you to view and choose in a variety of ways from thousands of choices with upfront price calculations, and on a Sports themed site, DDA’s team of experienced programmers created an incredible volume of code that includes multiple databases, user accounts, and an administrator back-end area, complex video upload features and a dynamic “video wall”. It’s hard to wrap your brain around the mind boggling programming that is everyday at DDA.