Monday, Monday

Mondays are usually  a little bit slow to start, just getting back into the swing of things. But things just hopped right into place this Monday morning as if we did not have 3 days off in between the end of last week and today.

It was bitter cold this morning as I made my way into work, and I was somewhere between groggy and frozen as I waited for my car to warm up. But as I made my way through traffic, dodging school buses and tractor-trailers, I got myself ready to step back into a very busy final push for the completion of a million small details before a site goes live. With information still coming in for pages that need to be built, it’s a bit of a scramble for us to get things done- but never fear, DDA is here.

Our great staff of fantastic graphic artists, animatorsvideographerscopywriters and programmers always gives a strong coordinated effort to make sure everything is completed on time.