More than meets the eye

As I work in this beautiful site about jewelry, I am thoroughly entertained. I am not really a big fan of standard jewelry. Unlike most women, diamonds don’t do much for me. What really interests me is more along the lines of unique, maybe a little unusual without being tacky, like the charms on and Pandora Jewelry. And as all jewelry does, it should have a meaning or memory. On every page of the charms section of the Chains-and-Charms site, there is an abundance of facts, some that i never knew! So many of these spark my memories and I am so fascinated by these little tidbits of information that I can’t wait to work on the next page so that I can read more. And each page is written with a bit of humor that makes me smile. I have to give so much credit to our copywriters. Not only do they manage to handle project coordinator duties, but they also consistently  produce creative copy that is entertaining and informative. And most don’t realize that all this is done with keywords designed into the content. These little invisible workers work to help Google help you find what you need. They handle every type of copywriting service, from advertising copywriting, web copywriting, direct mail copywriting,  and most important, SEO copywriting.  So, enjoy reading the fun bits of information on any website, but remember, there’s more than meets the eye here, and you just might learn something new.