I am back from a few fun and refreshing days off, enjoying family and friends and catching up on some sleep. I find my desk minimally coated with a few papers and issues for my attention. After reviewing more than quite a few emails, I have (sort of) caught myself up on things, and I have found that Crystal, our ever busy multitasker and support system, has taken care of all of the issues that have needed attention, in both Spanish and English no less! She has done some major renovations to one of our medical websites about kidney cancer, adding pending menus and rearranging and reorganizing pages so that the new medical information can be more easily understood – not to mention the addition of  animated medical images and a new medical interview video.

DDA Medical is proud to take the extra steps to create healthcare eLearning that help people to understand and take better control of their lives, and now in Spanish too. Thanks Crystal!