Never a Dull Moment

This weekend, my husband tried to explain all of the work that would be happening at my house soon. I had trouble fathoming the scale of the construction. We need a new roof, so he has been busy designing a whole new roof line. Which means the entire top of the house comes off and a new one is built in its place. This is much more than I anticipated because I have a lot of stuff in my attic! Not to mention the underlying worry about the weather and the huge mess. But I understand that  this is one of those necessary changes to make things better in the long run. 

This morning at DDA, we are just as busy loading changes to include new menus to our own DDA site. This means that after months of design and development, and details, details, details, the huge task that includes 4 newly designed sections, is now ready to surf! These new sections include: DDA Apps- Integrated Online Applications,  DDA CMT- Corporate and Medical Training, DDA SEM- Search Engine Marketing, and DDA USA-  Marketing for Foreign Firms. Hats off to our senior designer Carrie, our fantastic copywriters, programmers and of course all the supporting cast whom are always working to make things bigger and better here at DDA. Never a dull moment here.