Never Underestimate the Americans

I am happy to realize that I am not the only one staying up way too late to catch the at the Olympics. Since Bei-jing is on the opposite side of the globe, it stands to reason that it is 12 hours different. So, when we start watching live at 8pm here, it is really 8am there. Now, I realize that some of this is pre-recorded, but by the time we hit about 10pm, we are watching events happening live! It was certainly worth the wait the other night, as our men’s relay swim team just edged out the overly outspoken French team, and we screamed with delight, as Vinnie so appropriately put it: “Sweet Redemption!” -Never underestimate the Americans. And so again, last night I was up waiting for the final results on Men’s gymnastics team. (Not that I minded watching beautifully sculpted bodies perform impossible poses, flips and spins) China deservedly won the Gold, but yet again, the Americans came back to beat the naysayers, and take the Bronze. It is the power of hard work and determination that fuels all successes. This knowledge is evident at DDA, from our advertising copywriters, graphic design artists, advanced programmers, photographers, videographers, to media directors, project coordinators and SEO specialists, it is a part of everything we do. Our Gold medal hangs in the main room of our company, it is the Gold line Research Seal, and it is acknowledgment for just some of the hard work that is a part of us, everyday.