non-stop whirlwind

What a busy time here at DDA. It started months ago setting up a project that would require several dozen models, a team of photographers, animators and coordinators all working together with a client whose base of operation is located in Germany, in another time zone. Questions, answers and revisions would take 24-hours to be reviewed. This is an immense effort, and I give the Project Coordinator full props for pulling it all together, handling every detail and overcoming every obstacle as this was no easy task. This 4-day marathon photoshoot started off with a full day of on-location photography in a medical office, followed by 3 full days of green screen photography in DDA’s video studio. Each day included a continual stream of models, make-up, hair, wardrobe, repeat….. it’s a whirlwind of constant movement. And this is only one of many projects that are currently being created here at DDA.

We have programmers busily working on our new division AppleSavvy™, where we are building new applications in html5 for viewing on the iPad, and we are also here for all those in need of conversion and or redesign. Our video production team is processing footage of a Q&A, staged and filmed here in DDA’s video studio between practitioners and mothers that will become an informational and instructional CD. Our animators are busy integrating live-action into custom animation backgrounds and breaking new ground creating instructional medical animation. Our graphic artists are nonstop creating new packaging designs, brochures and medical websites, complete with search engine optimized content custom written by our staff of degreed copywriters. It’s a non-stop whirlwind of projects here at the ever-industrious DDA.