Organize and Archive

This past weekend was full of clearing and packing. With the noticeable onset of fall, it was apparent that it was time to start to pack away summer and move into the next season. So I enjoyed my pool for the very last time in 90º weather; actually, it wasn’t all that enjoyable, since the water temp had dipped down to about 60º. It was all I could do to get in and clean out all of the quickly falling leaves and get rid of any other muck that had accumulated in otherwise unreachable spaces, as my legs slowly succumbed to the cold and eventually lost most of their feeling. Then the rain caught me unexpectedly and I did not get the patio cushions put away in time, so now they will have to wait for the sun to return and dry them out before storing them. The change to winter clothing will be next, putting away sun dresses and sandals, archiving summer so to speak, putting it all safely away until I need them again.

Archiving is an important function of maintenance and upkeep. Sure, we could leave everything out and about all the time, but that would leave things prone to loss and/or damage, and just the sheer mass of it all would be difficult to negotiate. So the smart thing to do is to organize and archive. With the massive amount of work that is compiled, designed and completed here at DDA, archiving is a necessity. Our clients continually re-visit, re-work or re-design new versions or components of their advertising campaigns, and to keep within each branding style, being able to access previous works quickly is important. Imagine having to sift through innumerable files in every category including 3d medical animations, training videos, medical device videos, product photography, on-location photography, logo design, brochure designs, medical website designs, graphic designs, custom medical illustrations, interactive games and virtual medical simulations? One could get lost for years, stalling completion. Organization and archiving is a regular part of the professional DDA way.