Organized or Disorganized?

Organization.  It’s an imposing word. One that I am constantly battling with. I was shopping at a well known housewares store this weekend, and found myself once again staring at the various organizers. I wanted them all. I am slightly obsessed with organizers (as my husband would put it). I have them in every room of the house- cabinets with a million shelves, shelves with a million drawers, drawers with a million cubbies, and so on. Although, sometimes it takes me a while to remember which cubbie inside which drawer inside which cabinet to look! On Mother’s Day, my mom called me disorganized, because I always do 5 things at once. So I thought: “Don’t  you have to be very organized in order to be able to do 5 things at once?” I’ll have to work on it…..Well, one thing that I do know is that my organization is nothing compared to that of the Project Coordinators  here at DDA. As a Pioneer advertising agency, each coordinator is handling more clients on a daily basis than I have fingers and toes. And each one is handled with professionalism and finesse, catering each of our advertising services to fit the clients individual specifications. Another detail that our coordinators can provide for each client is creative copywriting. This cleverly written information always informs and entertains the reader. We offer a full range of copywriting services, from SEO copywriting to Direct Mail copywriting to online copywriting. I think I have a lot to learn  from our Project Coordinators, and I will enjoy every minute.