Out with the old…

This past weekend was the final push  for our new roof project at home . I spent my weekend on the roof with my husband and son removing tarps and ripping away the last vestiges of plywood and structural support that constituted our old roof line that my husband and I put up ourselves about 25 years ago. I felt that since I was one of the two people that put up the entire addition, I should be one of those who took it down. But after so many years, I was glad to have my son helping out since it seems that my body doesn’t quite work as efficiently as it used to. We are hoping that the chance of storms coming will pass us by- but we will be taking precautions either way.

It is important to continually update and maintain. Our old roof was leaky, inadequate and inefficient. Time for a new one redesigned for maximum efficiency and beauty as well. Out with the old!

At DDA we also understand the need for constant updates and maintenance. A website that is old and not regularly updated will not increase your rankings, and therefore not reach your audience.  A website needs to catch your eye with great website design, and perhaps some catchy video or web animation, intricate website programming and seo copywriting. Our Search Engine Optimization Specialist Jess was just explaining this to a customer this morning, and with some TLC on DDA’s part, our client will very soon be moving up in the world.