Patience is a daily requirement

This morning was another lesson in patience. I cringed as I went out the door and looked up at the grey looming clouds, and hoped that the tarps that my husband and son set up over our roof would be enough to keep our now almost completely exposed kitchen and bedroom, dry. (The new trusses are scheduled for delivery early tomorrow.)

My commute continued along this same grey path as I followed a lost truck going 25mph (apparently just looking for a coffee stop), another truck that suddenly decided to make a right turn from the left lane in front of me (hmmm… last minute decision?), someone who decided to sleep through a green light (more coffee please!), a few disoriented and confused drivers, and we won’t even go into the re-emergence of the dreaded school bus and it’s repeated stopping and trying to coax kids into hurrying to a place they don’t want to go.

All in all, it was quite a morning. Ahhh… to the comfort of my desk and my tasks at hand. Patience is a daily requirement to handle the details here at DDA. Since we are a full service advertising agency, we handle every need, from video production services to graphic design services to seo marketing services and everything in between. And the eyes of our programmers, media directors, project coordinators fine tune every detail to perfection. The key to our success is in the details.