Patience, Perseverance and Efficiency

This past Friday, I had the pleasure (or displeasure depending on your point of view) of traveling to NYC. It was a beautiful day in the city- warm and sunny. The parks were full of people, workers and tourists alike, who were actually happy, which is not all that usual in NY. Overall it was a very pleasant trip- until the ride home. Apparently, there was a “mishap” at one of the stations between me and my destination causing a 1 hour delay. Now, my first reaction to this was a huge sigh of disappointment, but then my concern was how to handle the situation the best way possible. So, in assessing my situation, my efficient nature found patience and perseverance as the best answer- I pulled out a book and a snack, put up my feet and got as comfortable as I could. No use crying over spilled milk, just deal. Not everyone had the same reaction though. The 2 women in the seat in front of me were the worst. They were whinier than a couple of 3 year olds having a temper tantrum, the entire time loudly complaining and pleading with the metal walls of the train to move faster in the nasal sing-song tone of a NY accent. I didn’t understand them. I have found that type of attitude can be more of a hindrance than help, and although a bit of venting may be needed, a short and sweet burst is usually more than sufficient, then just handle it. It’s  the same at work. When a situation becomes hindered, everyone here at DDA just sets to work to handle the problem with the efficiency of a machine. Our Advertising agency’s patience, perseverance and efficiency is evident in all of it’s video production services, photography services, programming services, copywriting services, web and graphic design services and search engine marketing services. It’s just part of who we are.