Peace and Harmony

As I watch out the front door, our landscapers are meticulously pruning, weeding and sculpting the property. And each day Elizabeth adds some special detail to the decorations that make everything congruous. Today, it is a birdhouse to go along with the wind chimes and the sun-catchers. These details add a peaceful, harmonious, and aesthetic pleasure to a functional work place. Every space should include some details like these. We all work in many places, the office, the classroom, the kitchen, the living room. And by making our spaces more pleasing, we can be more comfortable and efficient with the tasks at hand. Attention to detail is one of the qualities that is most important here at DDA. Our graphic designers must design every detail in cooperation with programmers, videographers and animators, and copywriters with SEO specialists and advertising directors. Every detail is  not only beautiful- but also functional- with everything and everyone working together to achieve a appealing and harmonious end.