Peeling Away the Layers

So many things today need to be made of layers. It helps us to define and adjust. The weather today for instance is wet and a little chilly compared to yesterday, so if we dress in layers, as the day goes on, we can peel them away as needed. And as Shrek has mentioned, personalities, like onions, have layers too. We can expose layers of ourselves to handle many different situations. The complexity of many things can be hidden under a seemingly simplistic exterior. Don’t be fooled. The mastery of using layers to one’s  advantage can be seen every day here at DDA. Our Graphic Designers and  Animation artists know all too well the need for layers upon layers upon layers to create the most detailed flash animations, videos, web designs and graphic designs, and have them appear easy, simple and smooth. It’s amazing to witness  the progression of  each work of art on the monitors in the main room of our company. Everything we do contains a complex collaboration of design and programming that is hidden within its layers. Layers that may never be seen by the average person- but be assured, they are there. And underneath the beautiful, smooth exterior, if you peel away the layers, you will find an amazing, diligent core of talent.