Proofreaders are the best!

Where would we be without proofreaders?  We would be trying to read a bunch of misspelled gibberish that would make you laugh so much that you would never reach the end of the article. Now, I am always up for a good laugh and find an especially funny misspelling good for a giggle, but how would we know it was funny if someone didn’t fix it 99% of the time. And honestly most of the time, we don’t want those mistakes to be our own. So, it is comforting to know that there is always someone that has your back. Here at DDA, the amount of detailed and concise material content that is written and designed for our clients would astound you. The medical terminology alone is enough to make your head spin. But our degreed designers and copywriters can handle it with one hand, while the other is handling 10 other things and proofing all the while.

We have a lot of different proofreaders here since every different service that we offer, including website design and developmentgraphic design, keyword research, custom programmingproduct photographyvideography, and animation has many individual components, each aspect must be proofed to be at its best. So hat’s off to the proofreaders, what would we do without you?