Rain Dance

After so many sunny and warm days last week, I awake to a rainy Monday morning. It is not such an unusual sight in April, just a little disappointing after such a beautiful week. But I have to remind myself that the rain is just as important as the sun in life.

It makes me think of the facinating flash animation that is being created  by one of our amazing Animators.  I was mesmerized as a beautifully animated leaf appeared on screen, swirled in a little dance and magically turned into a combination of leaf and droplet of rain. I couldn’t take my eyes off of the screen as each tiny little movement was tweaked to perfection. At DDA we can create the best custom animation by our top notch Animation artists. Our designers can create 2d or 3d animation, character animation, medical animation, even  animated backgrounds that can include live actors interacting. The new and exciting things that are created everyday here at  DDA never ceases to amaze me.