Rain, rain, go away..

Rain, rain, go away…  There is way too much rain in the forecast for the next 4 days. I think that our April showers have arrived a little bit early. I have been reminded to be thankful that it is not that nasty 4-letter word “SNOW”. It is always a little hard to think when the weather is gray. I already miss the beautiful sunshine that we have enjoyed for the past few days. But, there are tasks piling up on my desk as I try to concentrate on the updates to one of our medical websites that is changing with the times, then on to a bit of optimization work with my super-busy, super Search Engine Optimization specialist, add some new keyword rich content from our SEO copywriters to a jewelry site, and even more additions to our own DDA portfolio that is ever growing and changing. Maybe I’ll check out the new umbrellas that our graphic designers here have created, that could go a long way to making me smile in the rain.